Versatility – Ground Screws are multipurpose in their application. The uses are endless, from decking and garden studios to sports equipment and fencing. As a general rule, if there is solid ground then ground screws can be installed.

Environmentally Friendly – Obviously there are harmful emissions released from the production of steel. However, it is considerably less than the impact from concrete base foundations. There is vastly more co2 emitted from concrete production and it is not easily reused or recycled after its service life. Ground screws can be reused and recycled very effectively, having no lasting impact on the surrounding environment after their first use.

Cost – It’s no secret that foundations will set you back a few quid but hey-ho, it’s an important part of construction so it needs to be expensive…right? Wrong! An 8ftx8ft base supplied and built will set you back around £720. For an 8ftx8ft garden room you would require on average 9-12 ground screws (depending on ground conditions and weight of the structure). At £21 per screw this would add up to just £189-£252.

Time – The pouring of concrete is usually preceded by long hours excavating soil. This time consuming work is not necessary when using ground screws. Simply set out your screws and start winding them into the ground using a hand held tool. It’s fast, effective and a lot less messy…As soon as ground screws are installed the structure can be built on them. No waiting around for concrete to go hard!

Waste – Excavating the land for a concrete base can be known to fill a whole skip. The cost of waste removal is significant in all construction projects and the chance to reduce it should be jumped on. Using ground screws to create a level foundation requires little to no ground excavation, meaning little to no cost of waste removal!

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