Professional Installation

Professional Installation

As a self-install ground screw supplier we encourage our customers to purchase or rent our installation equipment and complete the foundations themselves.

DIY ground screw installation is a relatively straightforward process that passes all savings on to the customer.

  • Considerations

    Ground screw installation is physical work and we recommend always having two people on-site to complete it. It is advisable to have an SDS drill and impact driver in order to create pilot holes and fix brackets, respectively. Please watch our installation video to gauge the difficulty level of installation by hand.

    The ground conditions will also play a part in the physical difficulty of installation. Typically the hardest installations are in the peak of summer when the ground is hard, or when the site contains a large number of obstructions (tree roots, old foundations, stones etc.). With a site containing obstructions, it is highly recommended to use the SDS drill to make pilot holes for the ground screws.

  • Booking Professional Installation

    SIPs Ground Screws offers a professional installation service. Please contact us with your name, location and project details so we can best assist. If we are unable to offer you a quotation we will help procure a 3rd party installation team local to your area who can complete the installation.

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