The Protection Power of Hot-Dipped Galvanising for Ground Screws

The Protection Power of Hot-Dipped Galvanising for Ground Screws

At SIPs Ground Screws, we prioritise the durability and longevity of our products. A key aspect of this resilience is our use of hot-dipped galvanising, which ensures our ground screws are protected from the harsh elements. By galvanising our ground screws to a thickness of 80 micrometres (uM), we provide superior corrosion resistance, which significantly extends their life span even in the challenging UK climate.

Understanding Hot-Dipped Galvanising

Hot-dipped galvanising involves immersing steel into molten zinc at temperatures around 450°C. This process creates a robust metallurgical bond between the zinc coating and the steel, forming several layers of zinc-iron alloys. The outermost layer is pure zinc, which acts as a sacrificial anode, ensuring that even if the coating is scratched, the exposed steel is still protected.

The Science Behind Corrosion Resistance

The primary reason zinc is used for galvanising is due to its ability to resist corrosion. When exposed to the atmosphere, zinc reacts with oxygen, water, and carbon dioxide to form a tough, stable film of zinc carbonate. This film acts as a barrier, preventing further oxidation of the zinc and underlying steel.

In addition to this barrier protection, zinc offers cathodic protection. Zinc is more anodic than steel, meaning it corrodes preferentially, safeguarding the steel even if the surface is damaged. This dual mechanism of protection—barrier and sacrificial anode—makes hot-dipped galvanising an exceptionally effective method of corrosion prevention.

Corrosion Rates in the UK

Corrosion rates for zinc coatings vary depending on environmental factors such as humidity, temperature, and the presence of pollutants. In the UK, the average atmospheric corrosion rate of zinc is approximately 1-2 micron per year. This rate can be influenced by local conditions, with coastal or industrial areas potentially seeing higher corrosion rates due to salt and pollutants.

Estimated Life Span of Galvanised Ground Screws

Given the 85 micrometre thickness of our galvanised coating, we can estimate the life span of our ground screws based on the standard UK atmospheric corrosion rates. With an average corrosion rate of 1.5 microns per year, the 85uM coating would provide protection for approximately:

Life span=Coating thicknessCorrosion rate=85 microns1.5 microns/year≈56.7 years\text{Life span} = \frac{\text{Coating thickness}}{\text{Corrosion rate}} = \frac{85 \text{ microns}}{1.5 \text{ microns/year}} \approx 56.7 \text{ years}Life span=Corrosion rateCoating thickness​=1.5 microns/year85 microns​≈56.7 years

This estimate suggests that SIPs Ground Screws can last over 50 years under typical UK atmospheric conditions before the zinc coating is completely consumed. In less aggressive environments, this lifespan could be even longer.

Advantages of SIPs Ground Screws

By choosing SIPs Ground Screws, customers benefit from:

  1. Long-Term Durability: The 85uM zinc coating ensures that our screws remain corrosion-free for decades, reducing the need for replacements and maintenance.
  2. Environmental Resistance: Our ground screws are designed to withstand diverse environmental conditions, from rural areas to urban settings with higher pollution levels.
  3. Cost-Effectiveness: The extended lifespan of our ground screws translates to significant savings over time, as the need for frequent replacements is minimised.

Commitment to Quality

At SIPs Ground Screws, we are committed to providing high-quality, reliable products. Our rigorous galvanising process ensures that each screw meets the highest standards of corrosion resistance and durability. This dedication to quality ensures that our customers can trust SIPs Ground Screws to perform reliably in any application, from residential projects to large-scale commercial developments.

The hot-dipped galvanising process we use at SIPs Ground Screws is a testament to our commitment to durability and longevity. By applying an 85uM zinc coating, we provide robust protection against corrosion, ensuring our ground screws remain functional and reliable for over half a century. This protection makes SIPs Ground Screws the ideal choice for any project requiring strong, long-lasting foundations. Choose SIPs Ground Screws for peace of mind and unmatched performance in any environment.

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